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You Have Control Over Your Longevity

Research shows loss of muscle mass contributes to your body's decline. If there are things you "can, no longer do," it's time to start digging in. Make this Change Today with Evidence-Based Strength and Balance Training Customized to YOU!

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Longevity Means Training For Life So You Can Age Without Limits

Foundational Training

We look at the exercise and fitness foundation of your body and help evaluate any areas we can work to reach your goals. These include the very functional parts of life. Sitting, Standing, Bending Over, Carrying etc.

Strength Training

Loss of muscle mass is one of the biggest factors affecting older adults and what contributes to decline and dependence. There are ways to prevent this and we are here to help. We teach you and educate you on how to strength train safely at any age with any health profile.

Balance Training

Balance is an important piece of being able to prevent falls and remain independent. anefuit takes balance training seriously. We read mountains of research to understand the best tools to get you feeling good on your feet. We incorporate multi-task environments, dynamic balance, and increasing overall physical function.

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If you are interested in understanding how to increase longevity by taking your muscle, bone, and joint health to the next level, schedule a complimentary consultation. This can be done in person at our studio in the heart of Back Bay, by phone, or by Zoom! Our trainers specialize in working with the 60+ age demographic. Their additional knowledge and certifications are focused on giving you the best possible service.

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