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Our Services

We provide an array of services designed to help you meet your specific needs. Our programs are engineered to take into consideration your specific challenges, the way your body moves, what you are feeling on a day-day basis, and your desired goals. We are not a cookie-cutter fitness program, we are not standard personal training. We focus on a clinical framework and a tiered approach to meet you where you are at. The most important thing to us is hearing your story and crafting a program together based on your true needs.

1-1 Personal Training 

In Person

Train with us in a private and in-person environment. We work out of a luxury gym in Boston's Back Bay. We have unique equipment and a quiet environment that is availabile on your schedule.


1-1 Personal Training


We meet our clients where they are at. If training in person and in your home is right for you just let us know. We love the opportunity to work out of your home with your tools. Not much equipment is needed, we just need space for a yoga-sized mat.

$$ Vary

Semi Private Training

Do you want to train with a friend? What about your partner or spouse? Whether it is in person or in zoom we will meet you both where you are at.


1-1 Personal Training


Training in the comfort of your home not only reduces the commute, it helps you learn your body's story. When the routine becomes part of your everyday life, it is easier to follow. We will guide you every step of the way.


Group Training

If you have a specific goal in mind or would like to learn 10 + ways to get off the ground or learn how to build overall general physical preparedness, or focus on functional movement patterns, the group classes are for you. Each class takes on a different theme. Classes start with the individuals.



All of our sessions begin with a personalized physical assessment. We want to understand the core vulnerabilities specific to your body, your goals, and your story. Once we truly understand you, we can help craft a plan to meet your needs together.