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Hello We Are 

A new path to a renewed you.

Who We Are

Become more active as you age. Mobility starts to decline as early as age 30. No matter who we are vulnerabilities start to form in our bodies from our lifestyle and repetitive motions. aneufit is a fitness enhancement service specifically designed to improve joint health and functional movement patterns.

What We Offer

This video was filmed prior to COVID-19. We now offer Virtual Sessions, Outdoor sessions and private indoor sessions with a fully vaccinated trainer. 

aneufit stands out in its whole approach to your fitness. Our goal is to maximize the way you move and reduce ares where flexibility, mobility, range of motion and strength are an issue. We fill the gap between traditional exercise and rehab. Not only are we trainers, we are trained in pain science and focus on truly evidence based research when it comes to rebuilding the body.

Impact and increase skill in the following areas:

Functional Movement: The movements you need for the real world. Functional movements typically include the use of multiple joints in multiple orientations of motion that place demand on the body’s core musculature.

Joint Access: Our program and exercises will help clients reclaim lost joint access and range of motion.

  • Toe Joint

  • Ankle

  • Knees

  • Shoulders

  • Hip

  • Wrist

Ground Mobility: Is the ability to move around on the ground effectively and efficiently.

Dynamic Balance: As opposed to stationary balance, we challenge our clients to maintain their balance while conducting additional activities. We do this because multitasking is apart of everyday life.

Pain Science & General Physical Preparedness: To truly bridge the gap between heath span and lifespan we focus on a bio-psycho-social model of return to activity. We don't manage you away from load. We focus on building your overall capacity and activity tolerance to meet the demands of your life based on your personal goals. We focus on a collaborative approach to help you meet your desired needs.

Brain Training: We challenge the brain to improve cognitive acuity.

  • Balance Work

  • Barefoot Training

  • Problem Solving

  • Proprioception

  • Reflex Training

  • Dual Tasking

Mobile Training-At Home Training-Physical Fitness Training-Boston Ma

Our Company is Mobile.

Institution Fitness Training-Older Adult Community Dwelling Fitness Training-Boston Ma
Institutions and Community dwelling older adults fitness training-Balance Training-Mobility Training-Boston MA

We work with Institutions and community dwelling older adults.

Personal Fitness Training Older Adult

High touch, high-quality service. 

Hello We Are 

A Case Study

Ms. M
Ms. M is 60 years old. She is an avid downhill skier who enjoys the backcountry and the occasional ski race. She hikes in the mountains and takes long bike rides for charity events. By all accounts, she is very active and has been an athlete her whole life. Not long ago, she had to stop running due to pain.
Over the years, Ms. M's knee pain has begun to get worse. She believes it is from all those years trodding down the trail and jamming turns. She also has noticed she can not bend down quite like she used to. Despite the pain, Ms. M stays active and does everything she loves, but at a cost. It takes her longer to recover, and her knees hurt after a long ride. Her doctors and friends have drilled the same mantra into her over the years. "You are getting old, and this is what happens to knees when they are overused. They become bone on bone." Her pain perpetuated this message, and she accepted that this was as good as it would get.
Then, one day, while talking to some friends on a hiking trip, she is told about a movement enhancement program called aneufit. Aneufit focuses on mobility, client re-education, and helping athletes learn to move outside their traditional movement patterns. Ms. M thought, what do I have to lose? This may help. Ms. M signed and purchased a package of aneufit sessions. Not only did she start to understand her body from a whole new lens, but she also started to feel confident and capable of understanding how to train her body effectively. Mrs. M suddenly found she could do a lot more than she believed and was able to reach those goals she had set long ago.
aneufit focuses on working with clients to help them understand how scientific movement can break the barriers of what they have believed is possible. Ms. M realized her "bone on bone" knee was capable of more than she ever imagined. She even learned more about the research on knee pain and ways to understand her diagnosis better. She felt like she had become a better athlete and noted she had always used these tools daily.

Personal Fitness Training Programs for Older Adults - 4-12 weeks

Programs Range from 4-12+ Weeks.

Physical Assesment Intake For Personalized Fitness Training Plans

Assessments & Intake used to determine your truly personalized plan.

Person-Group Training-Aged Adult-Physical Fitness Training-Boston Ma
Physical Fitness Training - Aged Care - 60+ - Elderly - Boston MA
Personalized Training - Group - senior aged adults - boston MA
Personal Fitness Training Older Adult

Personalized Training & Group Training

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