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Age With Confidence

Improve the way you age by improving the way you move.

About Us:

  • Groundations is a program developed by aneufit for adults who 

  • Groundations uses a clinical framework and natural human movement to help clients gain strong results. We emphasize confidence, mobility, and independence. Groundations serve adults at risk of losing independence or already living in an assisted living, skilled nursing or other community.

  • When we screen you, we can help you determine if you are a better fit for aneufit or Groundations programs. Both programs aim for the same thing: an improved you! How we get, there is what makes the difference.

  • Our Groundations trainers are skilled in helping you build necessary strength, giving you support, and taking the time needed to help you gain more than you could have ever imagined.

  • We offer virtual and in-person services.

The mission of Groundations is to change the face of aging and mobility through science and experience. Safe and efficient movements are the core of our approach. We don’t fit the mold of a traditional exercise curriculum. Our program focuses on diverse movements and ways we can evolve mobility training beyond the traditional scope. 



  • Feel more comfortable and confident on the ground.

  • Learn ways 5 ways to get up from the floor

  • Challenge range of motion in your joints.

  • Build Confidence

  • Reduce Mortality Risk


Better Balance

  • Group Training with an individual focus.

  • Each client will receive a balance assessment.

  • We will challenge dynamic balance and build the strength necessary to move strongly.

  • We will focus on the role our feet play in how we move.


Be Prepared

  • Gain the general levels of physical preparedness needed to live independently.

  • Gain the strength to move about your life in a way that feels free.

The Founders
The Founders

As two entrepreneurs devoted to an innovative approach to aging, They came together through a common goal. Chi is a movement specialist and fitness expert who has over 25 years of hands-on experience in the health and wellness industry. Jen is an entrepreneur dedicated to using her complex problem-solving skills to take on new challenges. With a background in engineering, she knows the importance of building a strong foundation to construct upon. Having experience in product management, and small company business strategy, coupled with extensive personal experience in older adult care, she is ready to take their combined vision to the next level.


We offer virtual and in-person training.

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