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Hello We Are 

Age With Confidence

Stay Healthy - Stay Functional - Stay Happy

Who We Are?

Groundations is a new standard in the wellness industry, taking an innovative approach to providing preventative and fitness services that will leave you feeling stronger and healthier. We provide our clients with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall well-being. Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting; see what Groundations has to offer you.

What We Offer

Groundations stands out in its fully encompassing approach to fitness. Our goal is to change the face of aging and mobility through science and experience. We want to power up your flexibility, mobility, balance and help you regain your independence by increasing your confidence and range of motion.

Our program is filled with Safe and efficient movements adapted to you. We run an initial diagnostic and measure your balance, stability, range of motion, and other attributes for us to adapt to your needs. Some areas one should expect improvement in are:

Functional Movement: Movements required for activities of daily living to combat physical deterioration and any environmental challenges that come with the aging process. These movements are related to getting dressed, sitting or standing up, walking around the house, etc.

Joint Access: Our program and exercises will help you reclaim lost joint access and range of motion. In your toe joint, ankle, knees, shoulders, hip and wrist. In order for you to fell more confident when moving around.

Ground Mobility: The ability to move around on the ground effectively and efficiently. These exercise are for those who has regain some strength and want to improve their flexibility. The goal is to help you become confident in getting back up while working on moving safely.

Dynamic Balance: As opposed to stationary balance, we challenge our clients to maintain their balance while conducting additional activities. We do this because multitasking is apart of everyday life.

Brain Training: We challenge the brain to improve cognitive acuity. 

We focus on increasing mobility, body awareness and giving you the reins to stay healthy in all areas of life. Participation in our program will enhance how you feel through the power of movement. Here are our programs:

Body Awareness

We will do some movements related to the loss of mobility to understand your motion limitations and create a plan that focuses on your specific challenges. This is a general physical preparedness for us to deduce how much help you need with movements related to daily activities like getting dress, stand up from chairs and more.

Group Fitness Training

This program is designed to repetitively build strength, standing up and working on balance for you to move around more freely and as a preparation for more challenging motions. We feel this is the best way to stay accountable, build community and have fun. Classes have a maximum of 10 participants.


This is a program focused on ground movement and fall recovery training. To participate, you have to stand up without assistance and have a specific balance range to qualify for this program. We will determine this in step 1 "Body Awareness."


In this program, we will spend the whole class on the ground, and we will work on the efficiency of the movements. We will teach you tons of ways on how to get up. If you are looking for the tools to feel more comfortable and confident on the ground, then this program is perfect for you. The goal is to help you become confident in getting back up while moving safely.

Hello We Are 

A Case Study

Mr. R

Mr. R was once a renowned violin player for the Metropolitan Opera. He enjoyed living in his apartment by himself in New York City and performing music for all that wanted to listen. 


Mr. R now resides in an assisted living institution. He has had a number of health complications over the years, resulting in severe loss of mobility. Due to the severe loss of mobility to one side of his body, Mr. R has a walker.  Over the years Mr. R has consistently received messaging that limits his belief of what is possible for him. He is not fulfilled in his living arrangement. He does not like that he needs help with activities of daily living. Beyond that, he feels like his intellectual stimulation is lacking. Mr. R feels very stuck. 


One day after breakfast, Mr. R was daydreaming about his previous life of independence as he wandered past the presentation room and his ears perked up. He heard people talking about movement, so he decided to find a seat. He hears a speech by aneufit, discussing a program to unlock lost movement capacity, by the end of the talk he makes the decision to join aneufit. The first couple weeks of aneufit were spent getting comfortable being on the ground. Mr. R has to be manually placed on the ground and needs to lean against a padded wall to sit up. He tries very hard to move his body in different positions but it is very difficult for him. With coaching, by the end of week two, Mr. R can crawl and sit up on his own. By the end of week three, Mr. R’s confidence has increased, he takes a fall in his room and is able to use the principles of aneufit to get up on his own, report the fall and get help. By the end of week four, Mr. R has developed great awareness of his body: he can move around very comfortably on the ground and get up and down on his own. His balance has improved, his confidence has improved and his awareness of how to move efficiently has improved. He is able to safely and successfully transition from the floor to standing all on his own. aneufit gave Mr. R the ability to unlock lost movement, reducing his need for help with activities of daily living. Mr. R is feeling much better about life and the regained independence aneufit has given him.


Groundations is Mobile.


We work with Institutions and community dwelling older adults.


High touch, high-quality service. Groups limited to 10

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