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Life is Better Because of our Friends

Your friend has told you about aneufit. Learn what to expect and how to get started below

What to expect:

  • Your first session is risk-free. This means if you didn't enjoy it you don't have to pay for it. You can decide after your first session.

  • A 30 min initial phone consultation to better understand:

    • Your Story.
    • Your Goal.
    • Your Questions.
  • Schedule Your Session​
    • Virtual or In-Person?​
    • Sessions are 50min in length.
  • Who are we?​
    • We are a fitness company trained in pain science and focus on bringing musculoskeletal guidelines, current evidence-based research, and your story to craft an effective program to help you meet your goals.
    • Learn about your body & how to shore up its vulnerabilities
    • aneufit means a new way to move and gain access to your joints and their full range of motion.

Let's Get you Set Up

Fill Out the Form Below. Click the red "Submit" button when done.
We will reach out to you after that to discuss the program, answer any questions you have, and determine if you are a good fit for getting started.

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