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You have been given the gift of Longevity (50 mins session) 

Let's Get you Set Up. 

What to expect:

  • An 30 min initial phone consultation to better understand:

    • Your Story.
    • Your Goal.
    • Your Questions.
  • Schedule Your Session​
    • Virtual or In-Person?​
    • Sessions are 50min in length.
  • Who are we?​
    • We are a fitness company trained in pain science and focus on bringing musculoskeletal guidelines, current evidence based research and your story to craft an effective program to help you meet your goals.
    • Learn about your body & how to shore up its vulnerabilities
  •  aneufit means a new way to move, gain access to your joints and their full range of motion.

  • Your friends really love you, because this will not cost you a thing.