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An Important Message from aneufit's CoFounder - Jen

To Our Clients and Community

Since its founding in 2019, aneufit has provided individuals and institutions with intelligent personal and group training. Aneufit brings to life training catered to the individual and backed by science. Aneufit drives longevity by giving our clients the tools and education to succeed in their bodies as they age.


Our members are first in everything we do. My confidence and commitment to this hold strong today.


Aneufit made the proactive decision to commence a strategic reorganization process to position the company for long-term success. In the coming months, our training will move from in-person to virtual-only as part of that process.


As valued clients, we want you to hear the following directly from us:

  • Aneufit is here to stay. In February, our training will be fully operational in a virtual capacity. Throughout this process, aneufit will continue to provide the highest standard in everything we do.

  • Our clients are our top priority. We recognize the trust you and your families place in us by choosing to work with our company. We are committed to working with you individually to determine how to meet your needs during this transition

  • If you are an In-person client, this process will impact your packages. Jennifer is committed to training you through February 9th. Beyond that date, we will work with you individually to determine the best plan for you. As a proactive step, consider alternative trainers that will be made available, switching to a custom virtual option best suited to your needs, or if you would like a refund of any remaining sessions.

  • If you are a virtual client, this process will NOT impact your packages. We are committed to continuing our virtual training and will uphold the highest quality of services. You will not experience a delay or disruption in your training.

  • We will continue communicating with you. While we continue working through some restructuring at the top level of our company, we are committed to sharing with members first and early should we see further potential changes.


We are undertaking strategic reorganization by modifying our company's partnership structure while continuing day-to-day operations in the most ordinary course possible. For aneufit, this process will best position us for more robust operational and financial success while allowing us to deliver the best training for clients. This modification at the company's core requires us to reorganize resources and how we provide our services.


We are completing an essential step in this process: for Jennifer to relocate to Vermont in the near term and focus on the steps needed to position the business for sustainable success moving forward.


Our vision for Aneufit is clear; we are on a mission to continue disrupting the aging industry by providing evidence-based training that focuses on the needs of the client and their particular lifestyle over a cookie-cutter plan. We educate all of our clients on the research behind longevity as it applies to their unique situations. Our foundation is a testament to our commitment to you.


Thank you for trusting us as we take critical steps to strengthen the company long-term. We are grateful for each of our clients. We do not take this opportunity to work with you for granted. You have given us wisdom, laughs, and opportunities to grow together, which we are forever grateful for. I will see each of you soon, and we can discuss this further.




Jennifer Brine

CoFounder of aneufit

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