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Sitting down and standing up is a frequent movement that we perform numerous times throughout the day, from waking up in bed, to having breakfast, to getting up from a chair during the day. Despite its commonality, some individuals may experience difficulties with this movement, leading to discomfort or even fear of losing the ability.


Contrary to popular belief, this issue is not solely confined to the elderly. Anyone can experience difficulties in getting up from a chair, regardless of age. Do you experience knee pain while standing up? Are you nervous about getting out of a low or cushioned chair? These are common concerns that many people face. And there is nothing more frustrating than feeling unsteady or awkward while getting up from a seat.

To address these challenges, aneufit presents "The Art of The Seat," a 90-minute workshop focusing on the mechanics of getting up from a chair. The class is designed for individuals of all ages and abilities. It aims to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently and gracefully get up from a seat.

What Do I bring?

  • Water (we have cups and water onsight as well).

  • If rising from a chair is difficult for you and you want to bring a family member or friend to feel more comfortable, you are welcome to. Just let us know their name before arrival so we can set them up to gain access to the location.

  • If rising from a chair is easy for you at this time, dress for a workout. We promise you can learn and utilize the same principles in a way that gets you sweating.

Hear from Jen about the workshop!

Choose the Workshop Date that Works Best for you.

Workshop Location:

501 Boylston Street

Boston, MA 02116


7 pm - 8:15 pm

After clicking "Buy Now" and paying for the workshop, you will be in our system. We will email out 24-48 hours before class with the location (also listed above). If you need anything in the meantime, don't hesitate to call 617-681-4776 or email

The Art of Standing from Any Chair.

Join Our Happy Customers!

"aneufit trainers know body mechanics, are flexible, and can adapt to customers' needs.

-Marilyn L

"I was telling my family on Saturday night I don't feel as fragile as I did before. I gave you credit for that. I am gaining my confidence back. It is going to affect everything, my outlook... I trust my body more." 

-Iris L.

" I can't believe it, last year I couldn't switch in the water from kayak to kayak; this year, I can do it easily. I feel strong biking and skiing. I am so happy. " 


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