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Virtual Training


Our trainers provide high-quality virtual training for your convenience. If it is not clear to you whether your session is virtual or in-person please contact us directly at 617-681-4776 or reach out directly to your trainer. We use different platforms based on the needs of our clients. You and your trainer will decide the right platform for you. This page is for Doxy.


Jennifer Brine

Jennifer is dedicated to ensuring adults have access to the tools that ensure the quality of life on any part of the aging journey. Her goal is to help adults understand the musculoskeletal guidelines, the education and tools to work with pain, and ways to work on functional human movements that matter when we move around our environments. She is trained in multiple modalities. To note she is a Level 1 MovNat instructor as well as a clinical framework for movement reactivation:

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Yohanna K

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Virtual Training Instructions

  • Use a laptop if you have one.

  • Have a yoga mat, chair, ball (if you have one), a set of weights you may have.

    • If you don't have weights think about using objects in your home. Water jugs, wood carrier, backpack with books.

  • Place your laptop 6-10 feet away from the space you will be training.

  • Point the laptop camera to a position where we can see the bottom of your toes to the top of your head.

We use platform. You do not need to download any app or register. Simply use any browser from your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet, and click on your trainers' photo at the time of your appointment.


You will be directed to your trainer's virtual waiting room. She(he) will connect with you when She(he) is ready. Have your phone nearby in case there are any tech issues. Your trainer will call you or you can always call us at 617-681-4776

How To Connect To Your Trainer:

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